Frequently Asked Questions

1. Usually planning permissions last for 3 years however do check the decision notice issued by the local authority

2. There many different types of planning applications each specifically tailored to the type of development you want to do. The most popular applications are; Full planning, Householder, Lawful Development certificate, Larger Home extension etc. For further info please visit This Page.

3. The purpose of Building Control is to supervise the construction project during the course of the build. Building Control protects the client by making sure that the builder has adequate information from the architect or structural engineer, to construct a safe-and-sound building.

4. Usually Building Control needs to visit the project at every stage ie excavation, foundation infill, floor construction, wall construction, roof construction.

5. Permitted development rights allow the improvement or extension of homes without the need to apply for planning permission, where that would be out of proportion with the impact of the works carried out. This applies to some type of extensions ie rear, side or loft extensions. For further info please visit This Page.

6. Build Control once is happy with the construction project, provides the client with a Completion Certificate. This document is important for home insurance purposes, for re-mortgaging purposes, for selling purposes etc.

7. If you want to construct a shed at the rear of your garden, there is no need for planning permission subject to a few conditions. These conditions are:
1) to have a flat roof height of 2.5m
2) to be less than 50% of the existing garden space. For further info please visit This Page.

How do I ensure my building is compliant with local authority regulations?

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