Revitalizing Tunnel Avenue Property

The Tunnel Avenue, Greenwich project is a significant renovation project that will involve a comprehensive refurbishment of the interior, as well as a two-storey side extension and a one-storey rear extension. The project presents several challenges, including the need to support the existing structure and seamlessly integrate the old and new elements.

The main objective of the internal renovation is to improve functionality and aesthetics, while the two-storey side extension aims to expand the living space. At the same time, the one-storey rear extension has been designed to create a smooth and harmonious connection with the outdoors.

Ensuring stability and safety during construction is a top priority and requires careful attention to structural considerations. Located on Tunnel Avenue in Greenwich, the design will incorporate modern elements while complementing the local architecture, resulting in a cohesive and contemporary living space.

The Garden Office Project is an innovative initiative that aims to create an exceptional workspace that blends natural beauty with efficiency. The project will use eco-friendly materials and cleverly utilize natural light to create an environment that is conducive to productivity. Thoughtful organization will maximize efficiency, and the garden design will enhance the aesthetics of the workspace while improving staff well-being. The Garden Office Project is an investment in creativity, efficiency, and well-being, and it is designed to adapt to the present and future needs of the workspace.