Whether you are looking to design or improve your dream home, Yes Consulting will help you with everything to do with design and construction. Our comprehensive package offers a range of services tailored to meet your needs, starting from obtaining necessary planning permission in Northern Ireland to ensuring compliance with the Building Regulations 2010. Our team of chartered engineers and building services professionals specialize in structural designs, including cavity wall considerations and structural analysis, ensuring every project meets approved documents and energy performance standards.

At Yes Consulting, we manage all aspects of the building work, from initial building control applications to the professional review process, making sure every step adheres to local authority requirements. Our expertise in civil engineering and protection against falls integrates seamlessly into each project, providing peace of mind and ensuring that every design and construction phase is carried out by experienced structural engineers.

As members of the Institution of Structural Engineers, we are committed to excellence and innovation in all we do. Let us guide you through the process of securing building regulations approval and optimizing your property’s structural and energy performance. Choose Yes Consulting for a trusted partner in your building projects.

Structural Engineering

We offer a full range of services for your site work such as permanent works design & calculations, temporary works design, structural surveys & reports and site inspections to meet the requirements of your construction or management work

Our Packages

Our packages include the following but not limited to:

Site inspection visit (unless there is specific reason not to visit)

Structural drawings and calculations

Ongoing email & phone support to project team queries (client, architect, builder, part wall surveyor etc)

Drawings and Details

Our drawings and details normally include General Arrangement plans of the structure (normally in 2D CAD).

Typically these include:

Floors construction such as concrete slabs or timber floors

Load bearing walls, chimneys and lintels

Provision of steel beams/ framework to support the structure

Roof structure and any trimming of openings such as roof lights or staircases

Structural details such as connection details of steels, timber and concrete reinforcement details